Enderun’s campus is situated in two lavishly landscaped hectares in the McKinley Hill area of Fort Bonifacio, which features beautifully structured buildings and world-class facilities.

Enderun Colleges has four buildings which provide a unique working environment. The two buildings, the Hotel Administration Center and the College of Business and Entrepreneurship, are inspired by Asian colonial architecture, with contemporary interiors that accommodate classrooms, faculty rooms, and administration offices. Alain Ducasse Institute Philippines, with its design and appointments carefully studied to conform to the specifications of Alain Ducasse Education, was built as part of Enderun’s academic partnership with Alain Ducasse Education in France. It boasts of four kitchens, a culinary amphitheater, and a bookstore. Also located in the building is Restaurant 101, the application restaurant of Enderun where students get to practice their culinary and service skills. The building also houses Enderun’s cafeteria which serves free lunch to employees.

The newest addition to the campus is the Titans Hall, which houses Enderun’s library, dance studio, gym, basketball and tennis court. Enderun also has two event spaces, The Tent and Atrium, perfect for weddings, social events, and conventions.


We value the importance of finding the perfect balance between work and fun. We organize various activities that promote a positive and energetic work environment.